Deduct is the quickest, simplest way to calculate your deductions for Tax, National Insurance, Student Loans and Pensions.

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Two Steps. That's all it takes.

Deduct tries to do all the hard work for you, then present the results in an easy to read format.


Built from scratch from the ground up on Apple's Swift coding language.


We use the latest figures from HMRC and other parties to calculate our figures. All you need to do is enter an income figure and a period!


Deduct will provide you with a take home income for the selected Period, as well as how much is deducted for Taxes, National Insurance, Student Loans and Pensions.


Simple and Easy settings.

Want some extra control? Here you go.

Student Loans.

Pick which Student Loans plan you're on.


Simply enter the percentage that you pay into your Pension fund.

Tax Year.

Select from different Tax Years to see what you deductions will look like in the future.

Hassle free.

We created Deduct as we were tired of doing complex calculations every time we wanted to work out our deductions...

Up to date.

We'll update Deduct with the latest figures for the Tax Year, to ensure your deductions are always correct.


All calculations are done on the fly, no waiting around to get those figures!



Deduct will work on any iPhone, regardless of screen size.


Thanks to our endeavour to keep Deduct as simple to use as possible, we think it's the easiest way to find out your deductions.